To begin investing with Delphia, you will need to connect and verify your bank account using our secure bank linking partner, Plaid.

You will be prompted to connect your bank in the app. Click the button that says Connect bank via Plaid and follow the directions in Plaid.

Select your bank and if your bank is supported, you will be asked to enter your bank login credentials to verify your identity. Plaid will automatically link your account with no action needed from you.

My bank did not automatically verify.

For some banks, you may be asked to take some extra steps to verify your account. If your bank is not listed, see the directions below for banks not supported by Plaid.

  1. Start connecting your bank account either from:

    1. "Invest" page

    2. Account > Bank Connection

  2. Click Connect bank via Plaid to open Plaid.

  3. Select your bank from the list.

  4. Follow the directions and enter your bank credentials, followed by the routing/account numbers, account types, and account name.

  5. After providing the account details, click Continue to authorize the micro-deposit process.

  6. Plaid will make a small deposit (less than $1), and subsequently withdraw it. Make sure the balance doesn’t fall below $1 as you may be charged a fee if the deposit cannot be withdrawn.

  7. You will receive an email confirming that the connection is completed in 1-2 business days. If the process has failed, you will receive an email with next steps.

Why did my connection fail?

Failures can happen if there is a mismatch between the selected account, and the routing/account numbers. In this case, the bank connection should be canceled and the process can be restarted with a new bank connection.

My bank is not supported by Plaid

If you do not see your bank listed in Plaid or if you prefer verifying your bank account using routing numbers directly, follow the directions below.

  1. Start connecting your bank account either from the:

    1. "Invest" screen

    2. Account > Bank Connection

  2. Click Connect bank via Plaid to open Plaid.

  3. If you do not see your bank listed, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Link with Account Numbers.

  4. Follow the prompts from Plaid which will ask you for your routing number, account number, account type, and full name and click Authorize once you've provided your information.

  5. There will be a confirmation screen in Plaid. Once you click Continue, you'll see another confirmation in the app.

  6. Your Bank Connection will now show as Verification required

  7. In the next 2-3 business days, Plaid will send two deposits of less than $1 to the account you've connected.

  8. After those deposits have arrived, view the bank connection in the app and click the Verify amounts button. Enter the amounts of the two deposits (the order of the deposits does not matter).

  9. At the end of the process, Plaid will automatically withdraw the two deposits, so make sure the account balance does not fall below the amount of the deposits otherwise you may be charged a fee.

Why did my connection expire?

If a mistake is made entering the amounts, it’s possible to retry two more times. If all three attempts are incorrect, your connection will expire and you will need to start over with a new bank connection and wait for two new deposits.

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