Delphia has launched its Flagship Portfolio which invests exclusively in the most liquid US-listed stocks focused on the consumer staples and consumer discretionary sectors of all capital sizes.

Q: What are the goals for the new portfolio?

A: The objective of this model portfolio is to achieve positive returns, irrespective of the performance of global markets, using Delphia's proprietary data-driven investment model.

Q: Who is this portfolio designed for?

A: It is designed for people who are interested in our AI picking stocks for them and who have long term investment horizons.

Q: What makes the new portfolio different from my existing portfolio at Delphia?

A: Existing portfolios are a combination of multiple asset classes and geographies via Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which use data to decide how much of each asset class to buy. Contrarily, the new portfolio uses data to include or exclude companies in the portfolio.

Q: What is the risk level of the new portfolio?

A: The risk level of the new portfolio is high and therefore it is suitable for aggressive investors.

Q: What Securities does the portfolio invest in?

A: The portfolio invests in Consumer Discretionary securities that we believe we can predict better with user data. For example, Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Cheesecake Factory, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.

For more details about this model portfolio, refer to the Flagship Portfolio Investment Policy Statement

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