There are multiple ways to get a Ticket

Connecting an App to the Delphia App

You can connect one or more apps to the Delphia App. For each week's entry period, you will receive 1 ticket per app you have registered with the Delphia App.

Inviting an eligible person to register as a new user using a unique referral program code

Each time you successfully refer a person who opens an investment account that is not a current or past client of Delphia, and that person opens their account, you’ll both earn 100 extra tickets. Tickets from referrals will only be entered into the following week’s contest and will not be entered in subsequent sweepstakes.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details on referrals.

Deposit Funds with Delphia

For every $25 in your account, up to $25,000, you will receive one ticket.

See other ways by reading the official rules.

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