What do I need to know about withdraws?

  1. On business days, Delphia postpones all withdrawal transfers at 3:30PM (EST), until the next business day. Transactions submitted after the processing postpone time or on non-bank business days are queued for processing the following business day at 8:00AM (EST)

  2. All posted account balances are based on the market value of your account as of the close of the previous day's markets and do not represent the current market value of your account.

  3. The market value of your account at the time of withdrawal will be more or less than the market value of your account on the day you submitted your withdrawal request.

  4. In the event your withdrawal request is greater than the funds available in your account, we will liquidate all funds in your account at the then market value.

  5. ACH deposit funds are available for trading the next business day, but cannot be withdrawn for 5 business days.

How can I withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw funds via our app.

1. Go to the Account tab

2. Click "Transfers", and choose "Withdraw Funds"

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