Delphia uses Plaid to help users connect their bank accounts to our platform using their bank login credentials. Plaid supports major bank institutions like Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and smaller banks and credit unions.

What do I do if my bank account is not listed?

If your bank does not appear in the list or search, you can scroll to the bottom of the "Select your institution" screen and click Link with account numbers. Selecting this option will allow you to verify and connect your bank account using a micro-deposit based process.

The process will involve answering questions about your bank account - the routing and account numbers (find these through your bank), account type, and the full name on the account.

After authorizing, Plaid will make two small deposits (less than $1) to the bank account (within two business days) and the bank connection will show as Verification Required in the app.

Once you see the deposit amounts in your bank account, come back to the app, and view the details for the bank connection. Clicking Verify Amounts will allow you to enter the amounts of the two deposits to confirm the bank connection and complete the process of linking your bank account.

Please note that these micro-deposits will get withdrawn from your bank account so ensure the account balance does not fall below the amount of the deposits otherwise you may be charged a fee.

Other companies that use Plaid support my bank but Delphia does not.

Yes, this is something users may see when using other services with a different Plaid integration set up. Since we need more information from the banks to complete our user verification, we have a limited amount of banks we can support - regardless of whether Plaid supports the bank. This is a common issue for smaller banks and credit unions.

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