You may be charged fees based on action(s) that are beyond Delphia's control and area of service.

If you incur a fee, you are responsible for paying it. Read through your account opening agreements for details.

Below is the list of current fees Apex Clearing (Delphia's custodian) has provided to Delphia.

Apex reserves the right to change these fees in the future.

Bank Transfers:

  • Bank Transfer (ACH) Incoming – $0

  • Bank Transfer (ACH) Outgoing – $0

  • Returned ACH (insufficient funds) & Recall/Stop Payments – $30 each

  • ACH Notice of Correction (NOC) Fee – $5 per notice

Account Maintenance Fees:

  • Electronic Statement & Electronic Trade Confirms – $0

  • Paper Confirms* – $2 per confirm

  • Paper Statements* – $5 per statement

  • ACAT (Automated Customer Account Transfer)

  • ACAT Outgoing – $75 per account

  • ACAT Incoming – $0

*Statements and confirms have defaulted to electronic delivery. You can request paper confirms and statements if you choose. If your email bounces back you will charged paper confirms and statement fees. Please update your email address in the app or contact support.

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