If you receive an error message when trying to link your account in our app our secure bank linking provider (Plaid) is having trouble connecting to your bank. These issues occur when a bank or financial institution has recently updated their login process. 

As a general rule our provider updates their system within a couple of days and users can link again without errors.

Plaid reports the status of the most popular accounts here: https://status.plaid.com/

Error message: "Not supported" when trying go initiate a transfer

The following banks are blocked due to high levels of fraud: Marcus, Chime, Dave, Green Dot, Robinhood, Acorn, Go2Bank, Account Now, Bonneville Bank, and Point

Error message: "Your account isn't setup for online use"

This is an error returned by your bank, and it typically means you need to verify your personal info (phone number, email, etc.) through your bank's website in order to complete the setup. Some banks may need to manually authorize your account to be used with 3rd party apps such as Delphia so if you're not seeing anything on your bank's website to configure an online account, we suggest contacting your bank directly.

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