What is Delphia?

Delphia is an investment product managed by Delphia (USA) Inc. (Delphia Advisers) that uses the data you provide Delphia Technologies Inc. (Delphia Tech) to drive investment strategies. We enable you to share data with Delphia Data daily and invest real money. For more, check out how it works.

What am I investing in?

Delphia Advisers manages Data-Driven Model Portfolios composed of a passive sleeve with broad exposure to global markets, and an active sleeve that uses Delphia Advisers' proprietary active strategy. For more information, please review Delphia Adviser's' Investment Portfolio Statements.

How much does it cost to use Delphia?

Until you have over $100,000 invested Delphia charges a monthly fee based on how much data you have connected. Your first 30 days are free. For more information, visit our pricing page.

How do I add funds to my investment portfolio?

Once your Delphia Advisers investment account is approved, open up the app, go to the Invest screen, enter the amount and click “Invest.”

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