Our Data-Driven Portfolio lets you automate your investing, where our data science team can help build and manage your portfolio.

This article is a high level overview of what the process looks like from end to end.

You'll be opening an investment account with Delphia (USA) Inc a Registered Investment Adviser.

Choose your portfolio

When you have completed your application, we will present you with a recommended portfolio. You can choose to accept our recommendation or choose decline and receive a different option.

Receive final approval

Delphia will then send your application for approval by our custodian, Apex Clearing Corporation. In addition to your Delphia (USA) Inc. account, you will open a brokerage account with Apex and they may ask for additional documents or information in order to complete their process. 

Connect bank account

Once you have filled out your application, you will be asked to connect your bank account. No funds will be transferred at this time.

Transfer funds

When Apex accepts the application you will then be able to log in and fund your portfolio. 

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