Delphia is free to use, but we offer several OPTIONAL services that do cost money. Here's how it works:

Premium: We allow Delphia users to upgrade to premium and pay $9.99 per month until you have over $100,000 invested. For more information, visit our detailed terms of service.

What are the premium features?

Data-Driven Portfolio

Automate your investing, where our data science team can help build and manage your portfolio.

Smarter Insights

  • Get access to unique analysis based on combining data sets i.e., credit card + twitter, or surveys + market data
  • Get access to all future and historical insights (free users only get they contribute to)
  • Get access to insights sooner (free users only receive insights after a delay)

To change or cancel your Delphia Premium subscription at any time via the App Storeā€”tap or click this button:

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