Investing can seem hard, risky, and complicated. The Finance industry uses fancy acronyms, complicated jargon, and expensive products to make it look terrifying. But, #Trends is simple: find a trend on the rise, and get in early.

Investors might look for trends in the business world, but #Trends happen everywhere. Think of the next chart-topping artist, a politician on the decline, or the next industry to be disrupted. These are all #Trends that can benefit those who identify them early.

With these principles in mind, Delphia has just released the world’s most accessible investing platform: you can invest in anything, without using your money. You can identify a #Trend, or earn points that you can use to buy a #Trend by contributing to our collective intelligence. 

The point value of a #Trend is not random; it's not based on chance. The point value of a #Trend rises when you purchase a particular #Trend and falls when you sell that #Trend back to us. 

You cannot buy points or #Trends with cash. You can use your points to buy #Trends that are on the rise, or sell #Trends that have peaked.

Each week, you can earn Data Dividends by correctly predicting which #Trends are on the rise. You can take your Data Dividends in cash or convert it into investable capital by transferring it to a Delphia (USA) Inc. investment account.

How can I get started?

To get started, download the Delphia beta app. You’ll immediately earn some your first trend - #delphia. Members can earn points by answering surveys or by connecting their data, and use the points earned to buy #Trends.

How does investing in #trends earn me investable capital?

During Beta, we are depositing a Data Dividend of $500 every week to be split between everyone who contributes to the collective intelligence or holds #Trends. The Data Dividend you earn is divided based on points earned by you that week. So the more points you have, the larger the share of the weekly dividend you will receive.  Points earned from #Trends add to the points you already hold.

Are #trends shares or securities?

No. #Trends are not shares of a company or real money. #Trends are a way for you to earn more points. No purchase is necessary in order to play #Trends. We may terminate or change the rules for #Trends at any time.

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