Delphia prides itself on placing a priority on security so that we can safely deliver results fast that are enjoyable to our clients. We have enacted several types of security procedures around our product, the making of it, and how we handle data that is collected and produced. We also commission external audits of our security framework.

We use data centers that have a high level of physical security measures to host and protect your data and our systems;

We conduct independent penetration tests and are continuously scanning our systems and applications for vulnerabilities; if you ever think that you have found a security issue or vulnerability in one of our systems please let us know at

We use encryption to secure your personal data whilst it is in transit using transport layer security(TLS) and in storage using encryption.

We allow access to attributable data (by which we mean data that directly identifies you) only to those Delphia employees who need it to carry out their job responsibilities, for example our support team to allow them to respond to you when you contact us.

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