Alignment. There is complete and total alignment between Delphia’s goals as a business and what’s best for its Members. For Delphia to succeed, its Members must also succeed. We are also not in the business of selling your data, or any derivatives of it, to third parties.

Track Record. Delphia was created by an expert team of data scientists and researchers out of Vox PopLabs. Vox Pop Labs has consistently outperformed the polls in terms of predicting election and referendum outcomes in countries around the world. Delphia takes this same approach to forecasting financial markets and making systematic investment decisions.

Research. Delphia was created by data scientists, engineers and academics. Everything it does is rooted in deep scientific research. Delphia designed a calculator that mathematically predicts the value of your data when invested with Delphia.

Responsibility. Delphia is a fiduciary and is legally bound to act in the best interest of its members when making decisions about their money.

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